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new earning option
Published on 30-08-2018

hello bgbux Members 

we have activated renting referral option , from now on you can rent each referral for only 0,05 $ per month , and there is a filter so only active members will be available to rent , you can rent once every 7 days , so enjoy the new earning option and happy earning .

DONT forget you need to click minimum 4 ads every day to earn from your rented referral clicking the next day.

bgbux Admin

welcom to my site
Published on 09-08-2017

Hello dear BGBUX members,

finally launching my big project named bgbux.

I started work with PTC sites many years ago and with my work I have good experiences in this kind of online business. I would like to provide guaranteed and safely income to every member based in your own work and activity dedication, you will have good income.

I wish you happy clicking and earnings in bgbux