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happy news
Published on 16-02-2018

Good Morning Bgbux members...

today we have great news and update for you

as you notice we add a new membership [ golden ] it cost 10$ each for 100 days , it work like adpackshare in ather ptc sites but here you buy the golden for 10$ and 100 days and each day you recive 12 ads to click every 24 houre each one earn you 0.01$ 

thats 0.01 x 12 = 0.12$ a day x 100 days = 12 $

thats 20% on your investment wich is cool 

and we enable deposit using paypal in the main account page under add fund 

you click add fund and chose paypal and deposit amount wich is 10$ and proceed and after that you will find the money in your purshase balance go to upgrade account and chose golden and buy it thats all 

we hope you will find this useful , and we will try this for a while and if you find it good maybe we will add another membership with higher price and returns like 25$ 50$ 100$ for higher investors

have a nice day and happy earning 

Kind Regards

welcom to my site
Published on 09-08-2017

Hello dear BGBUX members,

finally launching my big project named bgbux.

I started work with PTC sites many years ago and with my work I have good experiences in this kind of online business. I would like to provide guaranteed and safely income to every member based in your own work and activity dedication, you will have good income.

I wish you happy clicking and earnings in bgbux